Sirio Held Communication Meeting on Probiotic Gummies Innovation Technology and Probiotic Market Development

On December 17th and 19th, Sirio gathered academic experts, PhDs in R&D, and market insight experts in the field of probiotics in China and held respective communication meetings in Shanghai and Guangzhou on innovative technologies of probiotic gummies and the development of probiotic markets.

At the communication meeting, Sirio launched four carefully developed probiotic gummies (BC30 Probiotic Gummy, BC30 Probiotic Inulin Gummy, BC30 Probiotic Elderberry Gummy, BC30 Probiotic Fruit And Vegetable Enzyme Gummy).

In recent years, the global probiotic market has been booming, and the probiotic product market capacity has grown significantly from 2014 to 2019. Among them, China's market for probiotic dietary supplements grew the fastest, with an increase of 21 percent over these 5 years!

To better understand the consumption habits of Chinese consumers in the probiotic product market, Kerry launched a global special online survey of health foods involving 14 countries in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. It was learnt from the survey that the awareness and acceptance of probiotic products were quite high in China. Both the dosage form and the product use situations have displayed a trend for diversification. The development potential of the Chinese probiotic product market is huge, and its future is quite bright.

From the perspective of the current state of the global probiotic dietary supplement market, Dr. Danny Gan, director of Sirio R & D Center Product Development Dept., systematically introduced the one-stop solution of Sirio Pharma Probiotics products to customers on site. He introduced to them that Sirio’s classic best-selling strains, detection methods, stable product formula, exclusive packaging, rigorous testing, and independent probiotics plants, all reflect the company’s professionalism, efficiency and stability.

After a long period of repeated strain analysis and testing, Sirio finally selected the probiotic GanedenBC 30 from Kerry and successfully developed four types of outstanding probiotic gummies.

These repeated experimental tests and consistent dedications of Sirio R & D team over the past five years—all for one strain— not only solved the pain points of the current-day probiotic gummy market, allowed probiotics to remain active in gummies, but provided customers with more excellent probiotic product solutions.

Sirio has always committed to the mission of "Delivering Value for Health" and stayed at the forefront of the industry, providing customers with one-stop solutions for nutrition and health products including product development, manufacturing, packaging and logistics. The launch of the product is a breakthrough in Sirio's innovation in product forms. "To keep probiotics alive in your gummies"!


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